Apple MacBook Air


How delicious looking is the new MacBook Air, omg. There are some reviews of it that don't exactly love some of the shortcomings, however. Battery life, hard to reach USB ports, and slowness are some of the major gripes about it. It's a tough sell right now, unless you fall right into that niche market that the Air is targeting. I am, unfortunately, not part of it. Boo.

Engagdet's Review

Apple iPhone Out June 29th


I wasn't planning on wanting the Apple iPhone, but after viewing the ads I may have changed my mind a little bit. Or a lot.

Costco Reviews

If you guys like Costco and the products they sell, check out Costco Reviews for product reviews. It's good, cause I wrote it.

A Man Who Loves MACs


This dude has an modern-styled house with, well, a lot of Macs. It's too bad we don't have many basements here in Southern California.

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Widescreen iPod? Who cares, the Cowon A3 is coming


I'm a huge Apple guy, but after waiting 64 years for a widescreen iPod, I finally gave in and got the Cowon A2 30 GB Portable Multimedia Player a few months ago. Here are the reasons why:

1) It's widescreen (4 inches)
2) It plays DivX/Xvid natively (iPods requires conversion unless bought straight from iTunes)
3) Loooong battery life (10 hours video playback!)

I used it a lot on the plane ride back from Cancun and watched three movies. It made the time fly(hehe, get it?). I purchased it almost a year after it was released, so I knew that a follow up would come soon. As I suspected, Cowon announced that they will be showing off the updated Cowon A3 at the CES next week. Hurray!

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Guitar Hero 2


All we played over the Holidays was Guitar Hero 2. It was so addictive, even my wife wanted to play! I'm pretty sure the two hottest items over Christmas was the Wii and Guitar Hero 2. It's sold out almost anywhere, but you can get Guitar Hero 2 Bundle with Guitar from

Failures of Friendster

This story tells of how Friendster could have been sold to Google for 30 million dollars back in 2003, and because John Abrams turned it down, all the troubles they have encountered since.

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Wii Preorders

This is just a friendly remind that the Nintendo Wii will be available for preorder at Gamestop and Ebgames tomorrow, and should last just a couple of minutes. Good luck and may the force be wii you.

Google Calendar

You know me and my obsession with all things Google. They just released their Calendar... not quite as good as 30 Boxes yet (30 Boxes has tags), but you know, I'm gonna switch anyway.

Google Calendar
30 Boxes

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